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Thank you WordPress and speciale SOFIA for nominate me


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Question by Sofia and my answer

( 1) Give us a little insight into your blog?

Answer this is good question thank you, this blog related to BOOK , I’m resunrly add (BOOK BLOGGER) name esy to inform people , because I like book reading I’m book reading start ( out of the Silebus) 10 Standurt now I’m read lot of books Do you want good vibes ? Do you hungry good BOOK AND KNOWLEDGE ? this is good blog for you I’m BOOK BLOGGER

(2) Why didi you start blogging and for how long now?

Answer I’m start blogging, because i like reading and share knowledge, for last 8 month

(3) What has been the most challenging aspect of the blogging?

Answer most challenging part is fhoto find out and esy word selection

(4) How do you motivet yourself when you feel discouraged?

Answer When I’m fell discovering , I’m here motivation song on YouTube, Read legend story.

(5) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

Answer all blogging I’m enjoy don’t have one part.

(6) If you could make one wish what would it be?

Answer meet with my blogger friends

( 7) What makes You the happiest and why?

Answer Again good question Thank 🙏 you ,When cook food, new dish , I’m happy when I’m finishe new book, buy new book I’m happy because this all i like

(8) What do you prefer calling or texting?

Answer i prefer texting

(9) Are you talker or listener?

Answer both

(10) your hobbies

Answer my hobbies are, book reading, cooking, traveling, eating

(11) What appeal to you most soul or appearance of person?

Answer most is soul

This is all answer by me

My question for my nominise

(1) Why you start blog ?

( 2) How preparation before blog?

(3) How enjoy your happy moments?

( 4) Do you remember your childhood favourite dish?

(5) What is expect your viewrs ?

(6) Choose one auther or acter ?

(7) Whear are you live ?

(8) What is your original full name ?

(9) Do you like book reading ?

(10) Your favorite place for holiday ?

( 11) Your memorable trip with your family ?



( 1) Shaheen

( 2) Swetha

(3) Yonca nin

(4) Anjali khanal

(5) Sandhya pandey

(6) Shivam choudhary

( 7 ) Noorien Misbha

(8) Anam gour

(9) manisha sky

(10) Asthaisha

(11) aarti banstola

Thank you WordPress and Sofia

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